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    An Exploration Of Biomimetic Materials For Fashion

    Drawing created to accompany Unexplored Fields‘ collaboration with Hyperbase for Adobe entitled « An Exploration Of Biomimetic Materials For Fashion ».

    « In this archive of the fictional story about biomimicry, two explorers meet in a cave in uncharted territory. The Hyperbase explorer arrives in the cave to find new harmless material to upgrade his equipment with innovative textile, when The Unexplored Fields explorer -Le Roncier- seems to have been here for a long time and merged with the environment. They match to their environment, as their clothes reproduce via biomimicry the patterns found in nature. The pair even adapt to one another; one explorer copies the colors and textures of the other, absorbing this visual information like ink on blotting paper. »
    Source: Unexplored Fields x Hyperbase

    I invite you to find out more about the project Here


    260 x 390 mm