Weltformat “SPEED” Newcomer Award 2022

Fr — I had the pleasure of participating in the Weltformat Newcomer Awards 2022 international poster competition. This year’s theme was “Speed”, the challenge was to propose a poster that although static is able to express a feeling of lightning speed.

The poster I created is a mix between criterium drawing and composition on Adobe Indesin.

“Worldwide, 700 people under theage of 30 submitted their creations to participate in the Newcomer Award. The different methods and techniques applied show the diverse approaches of a young generation of visual designers. All twenty works selected by the jury are on display at Luzerner Kantonalbank.” source: https://weltformat-festival.ch/

The jury: Weplaydesign (Lausanne), Dorothee Dähler (Zurich) and Alessio Borrando (Lucerne)

Format: 297mm x 420mm