ENBasile Jesset and I (https://j-j.fr/) had the pleasure to design a new website for the NGO Klima created by Sophie Dulau and Marie Banâtre.

Klima’s objectives are “To propose new ways of looking at current and future changes, to stimulate, to rub ideas together in order to bring out new approaches. We go on a scouting trip, conduct investigations and research to highlight inspiring projects and actors in France and around the world. We want to discover what is being experimented with in terms of adaptation in different countries, to tell the story of life paths and commitments. We link projects, approaches and actors to form a community of reflection and action on adaptation to climate change.” Klima.

The challenge of this project is to offer a simpler and more intuitive navigation among a large set of multifaceted projects. We regularly update the website so that it is always in line with the new projects of the NGO.

Follow the project on Klima.