Format Post-it 2.0

Fr — Post-it block that I put on the page for the Maison de l’Architecture du Centre-Val de Loire.

Maison de l’Architecture du Centre-Val de Loire organized on February 25, 2022 at 18:30, the launch of this new edition in the premises of the Conseil Régional de l’Ordre des Architectes, 44-46 Quai Saint-Laurent, 45000 Orléans.

“Post-it® 2.0: The Maison de l’Architecture du Centre-Val de Loire had organized in 2016 the first competition entitled “Format Post-it ® – Architectures in the Centre-Val de Loire region between 2006 and 2016″. The objective of this panorama was to identify and enhance for the first time the most relevant and innovative achievements of local, national and even international architects, carried out over the past 10 years in one of the six departments of the region and at the same time to identify the largest number of projects and to constitute a documentary and iconographic resource. After five, the Maison de l’Architecture had decided to relaunch it under the title Post-it® 2.0 a new call for applications to report on architectural creation since 2016. We were able to receive 190 projects in this context, which show a great variety on our territory. These 190 projects are gathered in a Post-it block (A5 format) that can be acquired at the Maison de l’architecture (30,00 Euros) allowing you to create your own exhibition.” Maison de l’architecture Centre-Val de Loire

Printed by Alliance PG, France, in partnership with Michael Schiffer Promotion, Germany.