Cumulus Display

En — Visual identity created for the Cumulus Project. The Cumulus Project was a contemporary look at the water heater by two designers. Adrien Jacquemet and Alexandre Esteves transformed hot water tanks into eco-responsible sculptures with multiple uses to promote social interaction and protect local biodiversity.

The primary objective of this visual identity was to distance the cumulus project from the usual representations of eco-responsible projects and create a visual identity impregnated with contemporary graphic approaches.

To do this I created a typography. This one transposes in an explicit way the formal universe of the recovered cumulus. The character family represents an alphabet that could be possible structures of the cumulus project. The letters created being very strong visually, I extracted a logotype.

I also created the website of this project that you will find after the images in this article.

You can test this font here.

When I left the Cumulus Project, this visual identity ceased to exist.