ESAD of Orléans Visual identity

En — Basile Jesset and I had the pleasure to design and realize the visual identity 2021 of the ESAD of Orléans.

We created an identity in line with the new dynamics of the Orleans School of Art and Design, which is oriented towards a curriculum questioning the new practices
digital practices.

The concept of this identity is conceived around the fact that each media generates its own graphic design. To do so, images and typography react together with the formats in which they are implanted.

Basile Jesset has developed a tool to generate images composed by others. These images act like pixels, they continuously adapt to the format in which the global image is inserted.
On my side, I created a variable typography which adapts to each of the proportions of the mobilized communication supports.

These two elements used in unison create the visual identity 2021 of the Orleans School of Art and Design.

Project co-created with Basile Jesset

Communication pour les portes ouvertes

Communication pour l’exposition Uncool#4