En — This typographic project initiated during my trip to South Korea in August 2019, I had the opportunity to visit the National Museum of Korea in Seoul. There I found a particularly expressive engraved stele.
Unfortunately, I could not get the exact reference of this stone because I do not read Korean.

I wanted to transcribe in this typography, the independence and the irregularity of the curves which clash in the letters of the Latin alphabet. The barrels and the horizontals are irregular which causes a particular vibration when Slash is used as text or as a title. The design of slash was focused on the shadows created by the light on each calligraphic characters, that’s why slash as a high contrast and sharp endings.

You can also find an article about this project on the Type-01 website.

To get a better idea of the font I invite you to have a look at the specimen here.

Some part of my travel Sketchbook