The benefits of holistic landscape restoration

En — Project realized within the design team of the Thonik studio for Commonland. This association is in charge of restoring landscapes on given territories. In order to do so, it must first and foremost find economic and social partners who wish to invest locally on the long term in a landscape restoration project. This booklet enables them to explain their approach and to contact a new partner for a future project. The concept that governs this edition is that of landscape; the images go beyond the space of the double pages to create a single panorama throughout the book. To accentuate this effect, the top and bottom margins of the pages have been increased. A zoom is also present in order to show that the landscape is not only a distant panorama, but is also composed of earthworms and Men.

Project realised for Commonland in Netherlands, designed with Nikki Gonnissen within the Studio Thonik team.

Hard cover booklet, 172 x 120 mm, 40 pages, CMYK offset printing.