Thinking: visual identity and territory

En — Reflection on the visual identities of territories in France. This thesis is a demonstration of the marketing impact on the modes of representation of the territories in France. This work also proposes a new approach to the creation of visual identity by walking. An immersion in the landscape that would become a new approach to the design of territorial identities.

Tutors of the project :
Theorical – Ludovic Duhem
Graphic design – Uli Meisenheimer

“LE GUIDE” 190 x 245 mm, 83 pages, CMYK laserjet printing, “LES IMAGES” 700 x 500 mm, 24 pages, inkjet printing CMYK.

“LE GUIDE” printed at the ÉSAD of Orléans, “LES IMAGES” printed by Newspaperclub, Scotland.