En — This editorial project aims to raise public awareness of landscape. The form of this project is a website. I have chosen four artists who approach the theme of landscape at different scales.

I propose the user to apprehend at first the work in full screen to impregnate himself of the work of the artist (this is why I took the liberty to crop the works). Then, the user is led, through a puzzle, to recompose the landscape present in the work. The puzzle is created from thin strips of rock. The selected rock strips correspond to the geological composition of the environment where the photograph was taken.

With this project, I create a parallel between Art and Science.

Respective works by Ansel Adams, Jérémie Lenoir, Richard Long, Chrystèle Lerisse.

Project Conceived and carried out within the Atelier de Recherche et de Création (ARC), Editions Nouvelles Formes.

Interaction test for the puzzle
Original images
Mineralized images