Format Post-it

En — This exhibition highlights the architectural achievements of the Centre-Val de Loire region from 2006 to 2016. This project was carried out for the Maison de l’Architecture Centre-Val de Loire. For the first time, with this project, a multiple visual impression has been made in the form of post-its. This ambitious project consisted in showing an architectural project on each post-it. The layout allows to create a varied rhythm of images and typography. The exhibition can fit into any space by creating a panorama of architecture in the Centre-Val de Loire region that modulates and plays with the context in which it is displayed.

Project realised for the House of Architecture of the Centre-Val de Loire region.

Product developed by 3M, Post-it XXXL, 204 x 149 mm, 193 sheets, CMYK inkjet printing.

Printed By Alliance PG, France, in partnership with Michael Schiffer Promotion, Gremany.